"Looking from a window above...

it's like a story of love
Can you hear me..."

I was kind of house-bound this weekend. You see, I have a cough that is just not going away. It's the most annoying thing. So, to combat this I've tried some cough medicine. Now, I tried to find the most potent medicine I could find. One that would totally knock me around and suppress this damn dry cough. One that comes with a big warning about operating machinery. You know the sort.

The damn stuff hasn't done a f#$kin' thing. Apart from keeping me from going on a decent ride on my bike this weekend. Sure I've tempted fate and been on a short ride, but it just kills me to know my mates have been out riding and I've been too doped-up to go with them. I'm sitting here in my tower, overlooking Nth Sydney, and every bike that rides up the street just makes my heart ache for the feeling of raw power between my legs. The power that I can control. I hear a bike coming up the street and I play a game with myself by trying to guess what bike engine it is just by its sound. Oh boy I'm good at it. But when it's a sports bike, it doesn't help. I want to be out there with that rider. No... I want to BE that rider. I don't want to be home.

I know this is no secret, but I love bikes and, the people who ride them. I know that bikes are my passion. Do you have a passion? What turns your head? Is there a sound you hear that flicks a switch inside you to "on"? Is there something that you see and you feel something deep inside stir?


Canberrabiker said...

Yep, it was a great ride today, but not many bikes out. Me and Judo found some new roads. Sportsbikes on dirt roads ? Hmmmmm.

Sorry you couldn't make it.

Hope you're feeling better soon.

Darth Gateau said...

for me, that switch is the sound of the sea. The louder and rougher the better. I want to live where I can hear it as I fall aslepp and when I wake up. I'm a bit obsessed by it and I can sit and look at the sea for hours. And as for being in it... my friends forget I exist on beach holidays as I spend most of the day just bobbing around in the sea, only setting foot on shore to eat - my other huge passion.

mykel said...

for me it's music. without music i start to go stir crazy..not any one particular style because the passion for me is the emotional stirring and release that music can foster. i love nothing more than being captured by a great lyric, beat or rhythm and escaping into that place where nothing else exists, my form of meditation. chuck in a sweaty dance floor and i'm in heaven ;)

judo said...

My passion is being among friends. I love seeing them smile ... making them smile. I love learning more about them and indulging in their diversity.

My friends inspire me and colour my life. There's not a day that goes by without a friend influencing what I do, say or think in some way ... even you, Mr Muzbot.

Sounds like bulls*#t right? It's not. I value my friends more than anything else in the World.

Monty said...

I think I must agree with Judo actually...being with friends and enjoying their company (and hopefully, they enjoying mine) really does it for me!

Oh, and what a strange coindcidence...my lovely friend Englishman in Budapest is battling the same thing as you Muz! Hope you get better soon!

Anonymous said...

I'd have to say music.

It's got the power to completely
change my mood.

If I wasn't allowed to play my own
music at work...I'd probably quit.

Sometimes I wonder if some of the
music is appropriate for an office
...Tool, At the Drive-in, Cog, drum and bass...but to this day no-one
has complained.