'07 Season is over.

So that's it for the year. The final race in the '07 MotoGP was held and Danny Pedrosa was the first across the line in this race. Casey Stoner got off to a rocketing start but was hunted down by the hometown hero Pedrosa early in the race.

So, what are my highlights from this season? Well, really I enjoyed the whole season.

Casy Stoner winning the World Championship.
The good decision by Kawasaki to move forward and change their bike colours to a metalic green.
The poor decision of Kawasaki to change them back to the tradional green.
The goospimples I felt with the sound of the bike's engines rev.
The thrill of being there in the stands. - That is something from this season I'll never forget.


judo said...

Hey Muz,

I remember that day. You and your goosebumps. Think we had a really good night at the Yag Bar that night too. Better than the night before.

I missed the final race too. Was it good?

Muzbot said...

The 250's were awesome!!!! It was a brilliant race in that class last night.

I recorded it if you want to see it sometime. :)

And yes, the Yag bar was a good night. :)