What's up?

When lorikeets visit me, they always visit me in pairs. Tonight there was only one. The bird looked like a male. And, he didn't visit me in the same way. He popped into my other window and sat there... not making a sound. Unusual for these birds. They are usually very chatty. He jumped onto my desk, walked under my monitor and just looked at me. Something wasn't right.

While I tapped away on my keyboard he came closer and rubbed his beak against my keyboard too. He fluffed his feathers and, to me, he looked sad. Seriously, I could tell something wasn't right.

I went and grabbed him some food. Maybe he was ill? Maybe he was drunk? Been eating too many fermented spring berries? Who knows?! But one thing I do know, he wanted company... He wasn't hungry. He came closer and nibbled at my forearm. My heart was breaking. This is a wild bird, but to me, this was a troubled soul. I know, I'm a big softy.

After he ignored the food, I went and just got a dish of water. I moved it to my other window and I just sat there with him until the sun went down. After a while, when it was so close to setting, he then flew away.


Kim said...

G'ah. This made my heart ache. Poor little guy.

Thank goodness he had you.

Darth Gateau said...

maybe he was there to check up on you and your migraine recovery...?

so cute that he feels safe with you. Then again, I'd probably nibble your forearm until yuo gave me a drink too - although I don't think water would be the best thing to offer.

Fab picture!

AwungFoo said...

That's a sweet story. Michael (NETTSU on flickr) has one as a pet. So these little buggers are natives and everywhere? :)

kookyknut said...

awww... i bet that made you forget about your headache :)

Campbell said...

Two creatures together where something wasn't right.
Hope you're recovering Muzbot.

yani said...

Awwwwww bless!

Granted the story probably says more about you than it does about the bird, but it's still a beautiful tale. :)

Tales of the City said...

Two hearts like ships in the night. What a beautiful bird. Waht a magical moment to share. I think both of you were lucky to share it... perhaps he/she had lost their other half? Sad.. and moving. (gulp).

Monty said...

That's so sweet!

judo said...

Hey Muzbot,

Do you think he was after the big grub just above your mouth? Hmmmm.

Good to see some new posts from you mate. Keep 'em coming. Makes my day ... if I ever get the chance to read 'em.