I just love Movember. I've previously taken part in this event, but this year I have given it a miss. It's so popular too this year.
I'm love love loving the amount of lads around at the moment with dodgy fuzz beneath their noses. I was sitting at the pub on the weekend and it was so entertaining to watch the parade of porn star lad wannabes. It's such a good look... and always brings a smile to my face at the number of lads raising money. It's just getting harder to sponsor everyone who I'd like to.


Monty said...

Well, you'd hardly be able to "grow a mo" Muz, because you've already got one! LOL It is amazing how many guys are going for the "porn star" or "chopper reid" mo's, instead of sometihing more conservative. :-)

Christerbjorn said...

Hey Muzbot,
Yep, I have a Porn Star Mo. I'm a Ron Jeremy lookalike from the waist up.
Love your Blog, you know that. Can't wait to catch up, I hope to see you Saturday Night.