The search for a good steakhouse continues...

and last night my search took me west. Way out west into the heart of suburbia. Chili's Texas Grill. Now, if it wasn't for the sweet eye candy at this establishment I think I'd be very disappointed. There was a line up to get in, the bar service was less than prompt and the screaming kids added something to the night that made me think, "Thank god I live in the city". Oh, but did I mention the eye candy?

I opted for surf 'n turf. It's my usual "first time" dish at a steakhouse. This gives them all a level playing field right from my first visit. Two prawns and two rings of calamari on top of a very grisly medium rare steak didn't cut it in my book. AND the steak didn't even seem to be marinated in a "special" marinade like most other steakhouses do. Ummm, but did I mention that I appreciated the eye candy sitting nearby?

I still rate Hooters my top steakhouse here in Sydney. Although, the steakhouse I went to in Bologna in Italy is still my fave experience. Would I go back? Only if my arm was really twisted and I was reminded of the restaurants perv value.

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JON said...

A gay nearly 100% vegetarian wishes you luck with your search for a great steak house.

Maybe you should get that Italian place to franchise nearby you. Or better yet just open just one.