20 Questions...

who do you think you are ?
I always think about this... and who other people think I am.
what turns you on?
Someone who mentally excites me.
what is your favorite word?
what sound or noise do you love?
Friends laughing
have you driven anyone insane?
what should everyone shut up about?
what advice should you have taken, but did not?
"You should be a chef"
what do you fear most?
how would you like to die?
what is your earliest memory?
I don't know.
do you collect anything?
what is your worst addiction?
worst... ummmm, probably the internet
who would you have liked to be?
Some Roman stud.
what did your last text message say that you received?
It was a pxt msg.
what was your proudest moment ?
So far, was being exhibited overseas.
what was your last lie ?
"Ummmm, I lost it"
what is your biggest challenge ?
That will be next year.
who's underrated / overrated ?
underrated: Sian Evans (Lead singer of Kosheen)
overrated: Merrick and Rosso
what is your most treasured possession ?
My motorbike
what do your parent think of what you are doing ?
They are proud of me.


judo said...


have you ever driven anyone insane?

Yu wha'? Are you serious? You drive me insane all the time. And yes, next year will be a challenge ... let's drink to that!

Dust, anyone ... Dust.

Kim said...

I have Birkenstock ankle.

And heart Merrick and Rosso.

Can we still be friends?

I thought of Judo immediately when I read your 'probably' response to driving anyone insane.

Darth Gateau said...

Birkenstocks are the most uncomfortable footwear in the universe - the "stick with it and once they're broken in, you won't regret it" argument drives me mad! It's like wearing iron maidens or vermin traps on your feet!


Christerbjorn said...

Hey Muzbot,
A great Blog, I gave it a go too. What happens next year? I recall talking about some mega mountain climb or were you referring to a new business venture??? Or BOTH????
Will I see you tomorrow night at Evans 40th?

mykel said...

and your best addiction, or do we need to ask? ;)not being naughty..i'm thinking of adrenaline and adventure. a chef!, never too late.

h&b said...

I have never got Birkenstocks. For a start, I have cankles - why would I want to make myself look worse ? Pretty shoes and heels for me please.

And Merrick & Rosso. So glad they're more Sydney than Melb these days - the boys are past their use-by date...