2007 Best of:

Clothing item: My blue Dainese T-shirt
Featured heavily in photos and was on high rotation this last half of the year.

Drink: Beer As with every other year.

Flavour: That meal I had in Montparnasse, Paris.
I don't know what it was, but it was 3 pieces of meat in 3 different sauces. The most divine flavour ever - and I never use the word "divine" to describe anything! Sorry I don't have a picture. Home delivery of Thai food has also featured highly this year.

Fragrance: The cold thin mountain air of the Alps. My God some of the smells were truly wonderful. One of the mountain plants (pictured) smells like sherbert.

Movie: None.
I didn't see one single movie this year that I would rave about. Although, I did enjoy The Simpsons.

Performance: Daft PunkI'm still humming "One More Time" one more time. And Casey Stoner's MotoGP victory this season.

Regret: Not going to the gym as often as I should have. Meh, I'll get over it.

Song: "By the time I get home there won't be a place for me." - Grand National

Toy: Wii.
Many late nights still to come with this one I think.

Photo: This picture I took from the summit of Aiguille Du Midi (3842m). The lone climber is trekking his way to where I'm standing looking back at him. The sheer cliff on the right of the image would have been close to a 1000m vertical drop. This picture thrills me each time I look at it. It is my inspiration and my aspiration.

Best experiences:
Way too many to mention, but some very memorable highlights were:
Flying over the summit of the Matterhorn in a helicopter.
Walking on the Mer De Glas Glacier.
Sleeping (or trying to sleep) in the car in a field after my first MotoGP in Mugello, Italy.
Moving into my own space.
Purchasing my sexy R6.
Laughing and spending time with my very close friends.
Just sitting and thinking to myself how lucky I am to be alive.


TufNutts said...

Muz, you truly are inspiring and so creative. The (non) gym shot can be fixed with photoshop! Have a safe and Happy New Year. Pete

TC said...

Just dropped in to wish you Happy New Year and hope you have a memorable Oh! Eight!

mykel said...

happy new year muzbot and thanks

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the words and photos Muzbot, great blog, its always worth a look. Yours is the first blog that I ever read, and the one that I continue to raad. Happy New Year.

Darth Gateau said...

what a deep and sensitive wee soul you are. And what a shocking beer monster you are too - your booze arm is a blur. You should take that to the Olympics.
Now that I can say I've met you properly I can also add that you are officially lovely.

Monty said...

Great post Muz! I'm always deeply envious of the creative genius that goes into your blog!!! Have a gr8 08!!!

Crystal said...

Howdy Muzbot and Happy 2008. Love the colour in your new header. Very cool and refreshing looking. Like others here who bother to comment, I do enjoy your blog too. Keep it up in '08.

Shirley Heezgay! said...

happy new year...all the best for '08!

seymour said...

happy 2008 special guy

h&b said...

What a GREAT roundup !!

I like your attitude to life.

sandy said...

What a great 2007 you had. Thanks for the recap.

Happy 2008!