Bye bye summer

and so to celebrate the end of summer I'm having a day off.

I jumped on my bike early this morning and headed south. The aim: Head to Canberra for the night. I didn't get to Canberra.

The weather was crisp and cool. Perfect for riding. Best of all, there were no cars on the road this early to disturb my rhythm as I swung from one corner to the next. The previous couple of day's storms left the road through the Royal National Park covered with detritus and bits of trees so it was not easy riding. I stopped at the end of the park to gather my thoughts.

I headed towards Macquarie Pass (or heaven for motorcyclists). The ride up the pass was fun. I opened up my bike on a few sections and swept the city riding cobwebs out of my bike's pipe. At the top of the escarpment at the Pie Shop a motorist spoke to me, "You'll lose you're license if you're caught mate!" I assumed that he was talking about my super fast riding, but no... I was riding without my number plate!

Damn! Shit! Poo! ( < - that's official biker talk) It must have fallen off somewhere earlier in the morning. A couple of other riders turned up and told me not to go back down the pass as the cops were setting up in unmarked cars. So, I shared a coke with them and the continued on the back way towards Bowral. The thought of riding on with out a number plate worried me. I headed for the Freeway back to Sydney. But - and here's the thing, the advantage of not having a number plate also thrilled me. Why was that??? *insert evil grin here.

Back in Sydney, a visit to the RTA and I have a new number plate.


Canberrabiker said...

Glad it wasn't too much hassle to get a plate, mate - still early enough in the evening to ride down here !

Campbell said...

The ride obviously didn't sweep the rebel out of you Muzbot. The adrenalin of the thrill - being 'bad', but with no danger to anyone (only possibly your bank balance!) Glad to hear it!
Happy Autumn and Happy March

Darth Gateau said...

You're so bad. You'll get tattoos and start smoking with the cool kids next.
Oh. Actually, you've done all that.

Hmmm... that makes you super bad.

Then again - you actually took a day off work, you didn't bunk off - which means you're still a good boy deep down.

J. David Zacko-Smith said...

You say bye bye to summer and we say hello!.

Nothing sexier than a guy in bike leather, too...