Flashback Jack...

Tonight I was digging around some old photo albums and came accross this... my Academic Report from Semester 1 Year 12, 1987.

Wanna know what sort of student I was? Well read on because I'm about to transcribe the comments from each of my teachers for each of my subjects -

Religious Education: Murray has achieved an average result with minimal effort.
This is a most accurate assessment of my effort in this class. It's my favourite comment from a teacher.

English: Generally Murray should be quite pleased with his efforts this semester. His essay results have been good but he does need to take more care with creative writing pieces.
Creative writing has never been my forte. Thank god my blog is not creative writing.

Mathematics I: Murray has worked quite well but obviously finds the concepts difficult.
Er*.squared = Duh

Mathematics II: Final test results were sound.
I actually really enjoyed this subject. It was all vectors and matrices.

Music: Murray continues to perform at a consistently high standard.
Yes, yes I did. In fact I was the college dux for the 3 years I took this subject. Was always proud to accept that award each year at the school awards ceremony in front of the school and my parents.

Speech & Drama: A pleasing result, Murray.
Gee, thanks for the encouragement. This from the teacher who had me banned from using any sound equipment at the school and suspended for "sampling" her voice during one lesson and cutting it up so that she said some very funny things... The sound recording made it's way into the teachers staff meeting and she stormed out in tears after fellow teachers laughed at her. - so legend has it. :)

Physics: A big effort is required.
Who was I kidding? It was my bludge subject. I don't think I did one assignment or even bothered to open the text book during this class.

And the final remark from the Year Master:
It is pleasing to see that even though you find some subjects testing you are still trying. Physics can obviously do with a lot more effort Murray.

I know a few people who would still call me "trying".


Tales of the City said...

Too funny... still you made a woman cry. Naughty boy. You should be spanked.

yani said...

Hehehe... I might have to dig out my Year 12 report too...

My favourite ever comment by a teacher on one of my report cards said that I had a "well developed sense of audience"... ;)

And it wasn't even a Drama teacher or anything hehe

Bazbear said...

MM, so you survived a Christian Brother education :):)

A great report :)

Darth Gateau said...

conversely, I was great at Physics (and Geology!) without trying or having any particular interest. Obviously it's been of great practical use in life and I'm always ready to lend a hand when someone needs to set up their own manometer or measure the centre of gravity of their coffee machine...
I bet you were a bit of a secret swat tho.

Victor said...

The only comment I remember from my school reports (it was a very long time ago) is "Victor would do better if he stopped telling everyone else what to do all the time". Some things never change.