I've upset the universal ballance...

by playing around with something that was already good to begin with. I tried to update my "morning walk to work" playlist. The delicate balance of tunes that would prepare me for the day ahead has been totally disturbed and I can't get it back on track.

I mean, after 6 or so months of listening to the same tunes (often in different order all bar 1), I felt like I needed some new tunes thrown into the mix. How wrong could I possibly be! Rarely, if ever, would I hit the button to skip a tune after only a few a few bars of intro. But now it's like : Next... No... YesNo... Next. Grrrrrr. It's not the way I want to start the day.

So any suggestions for good morning artists? And please if anyone suggests music along the pop route then wipe those thoughts from your mind immediately. So far the tracks that I will salvage and will remain are by artist like Nick Drake, Grand National and Jose Gonzales. Floaty guitar, a little bit of high standard production and maybe just a smattering of brilliant indie electronic (but please, no dance. My walk to work is for keeping a clear head, not for bopping along the side of a road). Something new would be good.


Mike said...

Some of Goran Gora's tracks might appeal. He has a new single up on his myspace player: Control.


Then try "The Girl in the Backseat"

Darth Gateau said...

One of my morning 'train tracks' which I like to play super loud is "Hold On" by K T Tunstall. may be a bit poppy for you but I'm a bit of a girl! Bizarrely "Proud Mary" by Ike & Tina Turner always makes me grin huge on the train too.

Anonymous said...

Midlake - The Trials of Van Occupanther