Food fight...

Last week an email was circulated at work about the eating habits of different families from around the globe. The cost of food for a family of four or five was displayed below a picture of the family and their food. A discussion ensued and the question was posed: Could any of us live on $20 a week. My answer was "No way! I eat out." We all then soon agreed that it we might be able to do it, but it wouldn't be sustainable or advisable! I'm sure I'd go a little nuts living on beans, rice and soup mix and for the sake of the team it wouldn't be a good idea. So the challenge was put out there for the team to just document all our food and drink expenditure for a week. The week ended today. It's been an interesting experiment and I realise I don't eat as bad as I really thought I did. And as for cost, the whole team was only separated by a few dollars so I didn't feel too bad about that.

So here is the last week in food:

DayFood or drinkCost
Roast Chicken Sandwich$3.25
15/02/2008Eggs on Toast & Coffee$13.00

Thai & wine$19.00
16/02/2008Eggs, beans on toast & Coffee$15.00

Mezze Plate$9.00
2 Jugs beer$20.00
17/02/2008Eggs on toast & coffee$11.50
Steak, salad and mash$10.00
1 Jug beer$10.00
Peroni 6 pack$15.00
18/02/2008Bagel & coffee$6.00
Coke Zero$2.50
Veges and Rice$2.75
19/02/2008Bagel & coffee$7.50
Veges and Rice$2.75
Japanese and Sake$20.00
Sushi, Seaweed salad and water$11.00
Steak and Veg$4.00
Tea through the week$1.00


Tom Cat from Bondi Beach said...

wow Muz but as a married father of 3 including 2 teenagers who eat HEAPS the 5 of us spend a fortune on food .. we eat reasonably healthily but it is expensive !!

As a guide almost all of my wife's wage goes on clothes, food and alcohol [mine by the way goes to the mortgage] lol but true.

Darth Gateau said...

I reckon $200 would last about 2 days here in London.

Canberrabiker said...

hmmm, I can usually make $200.00 stretch to nearly a fortnight, but I cook most of my own meals, use cheap cuts of meat, don't buy prepackaged sauces or stuff and make my own lunches too. Once was mortgage slave. Now force of habit. More money for camera equipment :)