WTF??? What the 'FLOCK'

There's a new addition to my Dock - Step aside Firefox.

It's early days for the new web browser "Flock", but thank you internet... you've just simplified my life yet again. I can tell you already, that I really like this new web browser. It brings all my little community sites into one nice application. No longer do I need to log into Facebook to keep tabs on you. It's all there in my side bar when I open my browser. I can blog without having to go to Blogger (although, this is something they need to improve... I'm still looking for the image upload!). I can see when my fave blogs are updated without having to log into Bloglines. It'll let me know about Flickr uploads, and I can even keep up with my YouTube favourites and the news... all before I even start typing in a web address and start browsing. What's more, the next release will include email as well, so there's another browser tab I can dispense with in the future!

Still checking out the user groups and following it's rise and not too sure how stable it is (But it seems great on the Mac platform), so I'll continue testing this great little package and hopefully it's going to be my new internet friend.

P.S: This browser is SOOOOOOO hot...I keep finding really v cool things. No doubt the mjor browsers are going to follow it's development very closely.


Kim said...

they're looking for a web designer dude.

Mike said...
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Mike said...

Playing around with Flock but not convinced I want that level of FB immersion. I do use the Firefox extension, which is fairly useful.

Mike said...

There's something weird going on with the tag parsing. I keep trying to post a link to the Boost Facebook toolbar extension for Firefox, with a link to http://boost.studiold.com/.

Each time I do it, half the text gets dropped and the anchor points changed. grrrr. Google. grrr.