I love trying something new...

and now I can add Korean to my list of enjoyable foods.

Last night I did a quick search online for a local Korean restaurant. I found a couple but only 1 was open for dinner. The reviews online were positive but one was scathing. That was good enough for me.

It was the most unassuming restaurant. In fact I think it was the families home and they had converted the front part into a dining room. Mismatched furniture, faded prints on the wall, faded silk flowers in odd vases on some tables, no table cloths and dodgy old lino on the floor. It was mum and dad doing the serving and cooking in what looked like a typical family kitchen. Their grasp of English wasn't the greatest which to me explained the bad review about the service.

Reading the menu made my mouth water. It all sounded so different to my usual Asian fare. I chose 3 entrés and a bibambap for main. Mum wasn't happy with my selection of entrés and waved her hand in some sort of gesture which told me I had ordered too much food, so she said she would just bring 1 entré. It was the dumplings (I was hoping it was the potato and spinach pancake). The bibambap arrived a little later in its super hot stone bowl. I mixed it up and it sizzled away at me. Spoon at the ready I dived in. It was hot. It was yum.

The food was cheap and very filling. I'm convinced. I will be back for more. There are a few more interesting things on that menu that I need to try.


Victor said...

I didn't enjoy my first couple of Korean meals but reading your post I think I should give that cuisine another try.

wcs said...

There was a great Korean restaurant in Washington DC when I lived there many years ago. It was among my favorites. They also had grills built into the tables for great Korean bbq.

Yum is right.