Bonding with my bike

Motorbike riding is all about cornering. The Southern Highlands provides some spectacular escarpments, tight bends and some of New South Wales finest rides.

Control. Total control over my bike and the road beneath me. My line was spot on and I used my gears on this ride more than my breaks. I managed to lean into some of the bends much more than I would have usually. It felt like my riding had matured and my confidence had just gone up a notch.

Riding through the National Parks, rain forests and along the coast was so enjoyable and an experience for all my senses. It was a long day and I saw some beautiful parts of the South Coast.


Monty said...

Oh my, he did really cut your hair short! LOL It's a good look actually, very streamlined...perfect for taking those curves at high speed! :-)

Canberrabiker said...

When I took that pic of you beside your bike, I just pointed and shot - didn't check the light meter or anything. Sorry ! Should have bracketed it.

However, it was a great ride - really enjoyed it even though it was a LOOOONG day. And yes, like you, I found myself practising my cornering. That area around Berry - Kiama - Jamberoo is really nice, nice roads, nice bends, nice countryside. Nice company too.