Weekends come and go...

and this weekend I bought a palm tree for my lounge. I've been wanting one for a little while now because I happen to like plants in my living environment. Now that I have it home and in my lounge, it's a little bigger than it looked in the lot of thousands of others in "Palm World" where I bought it, but I really love it. For me, it makes my living area feel a just that little bit more comfortable.

So anyway, there it is. The highlight of my weekend. Why? Because I got to spend time driving around with my mate Judo on a very wet Saturday looking for it. Because I feel like I have something "alive" and not something digital in my life. Because it added something new to my tiny little apartment. Because my mate Dave could see that this was actually exciting for me.

So, who'd like an update on the fish eggs? Well....
They are all gone. No survivors. All eaten. I think Mum and Dad Angel Fish were a little too weirded out by the new strange additions in their home, so they ate them. But, the good news is that I'm sure they are not lesbian fish. Not that that's wrong. It just means that I actually have a male and female because there were some fertile eggs on the leaf before they were served up for dinner. So, this time around, I saved my self a little time and effort on preparing for the new family members. But, according to my Angel Fish research, they should be back "at it" in a few weeks time. I'm not a grandfather yet. :)


Monty said...

Palm trees are marvellous! Love 'em! AND Muz, you've rearranged your furniture by the looks of things! Noice! :-)

Crystal said...

I love your new header!

h&b said...

Love the palm !
I often buy things that look 'dwarfed' in huge environs, and then you bring them home to um, non-warehouse living ;)

You can buy a separate 'tank insert' thing for when the woman starts to release her eggs. Scoop her in, and when she's done, scoop her out, giving the eggs a chance.

Well, at least that's how I remember it at a 5th grade slumber party I went to. Then we watched "The Omen".

What a great party ;)