The race is on...

and I have to admit, I'm disappointed. The Amazing Race is back on Aussie TV. However, I'm not disappointed because it was a crap episode, I'm disappointed because I saw this series last year. Damn it. The Amazing Race is probably my all time favorite TV show. So much so that I bloody well downloaded this series last year and have seen it before.

The Amazing Race annoys me incredibly, but it also, surprisingly, inspires me. It often makes me laugh and it always makes me wonder how I would do on this race. When Judo and I traveled together earlier this year we would joke about us doing this show together. Considering we argued "a little" on our trip, and maybe even refused to talk to each other a few nights, I think we probably would make interesting TV. (Actually, Judo, that last night in Paris would have made VERY interesting TV. Private joke... sorry!)But, Judo always inspired me and I was always blown away by his knowledge and experience.

I caught the end of The Amazing Race tonight and thought about it. Could we really do this? Yeah, we could easy. But, I then seriously began to think about who I'd really love to do an Amazing Race with. I just can't go past my Dad. I would LOVE to race around the globe with this very special man. Love you Dad. You mean the world to me. Heaps.


judo said...

Me being tied up and helpless in a Parisian hotel room, while you go out picking up random bar persons ... how is that interesting television?

Seriously though, that last night in Paris ... was a load of laughs. Made my holiday ... and we didn't argue much that night either as I recall.

I'm not a big fan of Amazing Race, cause it is full of amazingly vain, annoying and boring people. You and your Dad are way too good for it.

But, Power of 10, there is a great show. Hope you are watching it next year when I win the million!

h&b said...

I love TAR, and was peeved last night my attentions had to be directed elsewhere, so I only caught snippets..

I love pretending it is me & AB 'on the race', and working out who'd do each physical challenge, and why, and how we'd go. I reckon we'd do ok, but yeah, we'd argue heaps, righteous pigheads we are :p

Wouldn't be one of those loser families that do it with their boot-camp kids though. It's cruel, and you only lose anyway. Kids and TAR = boring.

Love your 'friends don't let friend blog drunk' badge ... ;)

Monty said...

I love TAR myself...didn't see it last night but will definitely have to make time going forward. That's a GREAT pic of you and your dad!

Tom Cat from Bondi Beach said...

yes just love TAR. It is compulsive viewing for we 5 as the people are often too awful but occasionally wonderful.

I could not be a contestant due to a low temper threshold and a sense of humour by-pass: I would be interested to see a series of 'individual' rather than 'team' Races.

and yes how terrific to read such great comments about your Dad.

JOE * to * HELL said...

its my favorite too! i just need someone to do it with that i can tolerate and i will be the first bitch in line!!!