Decisive victory...

for Pedrosa on the Circuit de Catalunya, Barcelona.

This is one of my fave races and circuits. There seems to be more turns and makes for great viewing. It's a track that's very easy to misjudge your breaking points and either go wide, or worse, ride into a wall - as 3 riders did all on the same lap!

Pedrosa seemed to have this one pegged right from the start. He broke away in the first lap and managed to sustain a sizable lead throughout the rest of the race. The battle for second was where the race was really at with Rossi and Stoner going toe to toe until the second last lap where Rossi moved past Stoner and took up second place on the podium.

- - - - - - - - - - -

On a lighter note: 3.5kg lighter that is.
I've just made it through 40 hours with no food. Lots of water, the odd Gatorade and soft drink. I have often wondered if I could really do the 40 hour famine and now I believe I have the right strategy for success.

Ay ay ay Senor Dave, no comment. Thanks for the company and I too feel blessed to have some very good friends in my life these days too.


Monty said...

You've lost 3.5kg in 40 hrs!!! Well done! :-) Paris Hilton would be soooo jealous!

judo said...


You have spoiled it all for me. I am yet to see the race because my hotel in Christchurch didn't have a full subscription to Sky Sports.

Anyway, good to see that you got your wish. Good on Dani for a job well done. Hope it brings a smile to his face.

Nice job on the 40hr. You will be looking more svelte than usual, I guess.