When it's too miserable outside...

and you can't go and jump on your mountain bike for a ride, it's time to get stuck into comfort food. This morning I cooked up a litre of spicy hot chocolate. MMMMmmmmm.

Here's how I did it:
To one litre of milk I added 100g of chopped up dark chocolate.
Add two cinnamon sticks and two split chilies. Slowly heat and stir, and stir. If you want a real kick, cut open the chilies (throw away the seeds before adding). But, don't over do the chili. This drink is warming, you don't want a chili flavor. If the chocolate has melted and mixed in add a pinch of nutmeg and bump up the heat and bring to the boil. Turn down the heat to low add two teaspoons of honey (or sweeten to your own taste). Stir then serve up in front of the teev with your fave movie on.

This is probably not the sort of drink the kids are going to like. It's spicy, not too sweet.


Tom said...

Sounds delicious... I'll have to try some this arvo - I was planning a trip up to Starbucks for a Hot Chocolate and a muffin whilst I read the paper, but this sounds a million times better!

Victor said...

This sounds miles different from what Gloria Jean's served me today.