Sydney was freezing today...

seriously. In both the Pitt St Mall and Martin Place and the general public had no idea what was happening. Sydney was about to be Flash Mobbed.

The instructions:
1) We meet at a discreet location, today it was Hyde Park, where everyone is briefed with the final instructions including what not to freeze in front of eg: fire hydrants and in front of traffic... but freeze anywhere else and don't move at all. The good news was the general public had managed to remain unaware of its happening. Today, since there was over 1000 of us (organisers say there was close to 3600!) we were split into two groups. The first group was to descend on Pitt St Mall (I was in this group) and the second to mingle in Martin place. So, acting normally and carrying on with general wandering around the mall, at exactly 12:40 we were all to freeze in place for 3 minutes. At the end of 3 minutes to continue on as if nothing had happened.

2) Watches/mobile phones all synchronized. Move out to location and act naturally.

Cameras were in place to capture the event as this has been reportedly going to be the largest Flash Mob attempt in the world (to date).
Me: I decided that I would be talking on the phone as I walked around the mall.

3) 12:40, me and the mall frozen in place.

This is my video I took from my mobile phone as I froze. It's actually not great quality or a good angle. I was frozen after all. But it was fun taking part. It took most people in the mall a whole 2 minutes to realise what was going on around them. The group of men standing beside me are not part of the freeze - they were just standing there not realising what was going on until one of them walked past me to the bin I was near. He then looked around and just laughed. And that's what was good about this... It made an otherwise average day in Sydney just a little more fun and gave some people a good laugh.

Stay tuned for the official video (and I'm sure there will be many un-official videos as well) to appear on YouTube.

*update: the first bit of news is here.


Monty said...

Oh Muz, you're so up with what all the young people are doing these days! ;-)

Martin Place...hmmm, one wonders if the organizers' favourite movie is The Matrix and they fancied seeing everyone frozen in front of the Fountain...did you see a woman in a red dress by any chance? Who strangely morphs into Hugo Weaving waving a big gun??? :-)

Juju T said...

LOL that would have been a spectacle to behold! What a great idea! It would've been like the Matrix.... I'd just have to look out for Keanu....