So where am I at? Random thoughts...

- Well to be honest, I'm at a pretty good place right now.

- I've had a couple of troublesome weeks. Nothing outrageous, just a bit playing on my mind. But those who know me, know that there is rarely a time when one thing or another isn't playing on my mind.

- And so here we are in the southern hemisphere's winter. The first day of winter has been marked with mild temperatures and the odd rain shower. Can't complain, I've got 5 weeks of summer in the northern hemisphere just around the corner.

- I didn't win the 19 mil in Loto, so my holiday won't be extended.

- I'm in my room, alone, listening to the rain. The sliding door is wide open and it's chilly. I've wrapped the doona around me and am distracted by the vista outside my room. The city seems so domestic on a Sunday night. The office buildings are in darkness and only residential towers reflect the rain.

- I miss the feeling of someone in my arms. But my heart's not in it. At night when I go to sleep, I just want to feel someone wrapped in my arms. It's a very tender feeling, yet I'm so distant.

- One of my fave groups are playing in Sydney next Friday night. I'll probably end up going to see them by myself. I don't know anyone else who'd even know who they are.

- I've been obsessive compulsive about washing my hands for the past three months. Since then I've had two head colds all within the space of 4 weeks.

- I think Blondie's "Rapture" is a top song.

- However, this song has been on high rotation in my head this weekend:


judo said...

Hi Muzbot

That's a kinda creepy music video ... but it doesn't take much to creep me out ... good sound.

Will it make it to the playlist ... looking forward to it blaring out of the truck as we pass through some hick town.

See you soon.

Monty said...

I was tearing across the city on my way to McBrad's place at the same time you were posting that Muz. . . like you, I was needing to snuggle and thankfully, McBrad was too! It was the perfect night for a snuggle too - nothing better when it's raining!!! :-)

Kezza said...

Rapture... Top choice!

As for winter nights in someones arms... Overrated, hey don't get me wrong, it's a fantastic idea but if you're anything like me you'll find yourself too hot, then too cold, then you'll need to toss and turn endlessly, then you'll snore... I'm not much fun to snuggle with as you can imagine. Hopefully you're not like that!

Muzbot said...

Judo: I didn't think it was creepy, I thought the clip was sweet... :) Get it? - chocolate sauce, sweet.

Monty: I'm not "needing" a snuggle, it's my choice to not have one: and there's numerous reasons why I choose not to. I just miss the feeling. I also miss the taste of strawberry donuts, I don't need strawberry donuts.

Kezza: The practicalities of holding someone close are hard to ignore, but then there is a moment of joy before all that sets in. If you're lucky, both you and the person you have your arm around, will enjoy that moment for however long it lasts.

Awwwww, aint I just the romantic?!

Darth Gateau said...

I always get pins and needles. I can't seem to lie in one position for long so I wriggle and squirm about all of the time. I think I'm probably quite stressful to snuggle with.

Deep, wistful thoughts there. I love listening to the rain when I'm safe and warm indoors.

Strawberry donuts tho... mmmmmmm

h&b said...

I'm not a good snuggler .. i'm no good at sitting still, and then I get pins and needles, and wonder what's that smell, is it me ? This movies' boring. Am I talking too much ? Are you bored ? Are you comfortable ? Am I ? What's that shiny thing ? You like Scritti Politti ? Cool. Can I look at your music collection ? This Rock Steady Crew CD is pretty embarrassing, why don't you get rid of it. Who's this picture of ?

It's amazing someone married me, quite frankly.