Random thoughts for a thursday...

  • I wonder if Lamingtons are a wholesome breakfast?
  • I'm the lightest weight I've been in my living memory.
  • I wonder if it's because of my Wii?
  • I went to the airport last night, sat just watching and listening to planes.
  • I pigged out while watching planes on chocolate iced custard filled donuts and hot chocolate.
  • I'll be on a plane this evening flying up to Qld to visit Dad.
  • Each evening when I walk through the botanic gardens I smell a plant that takes me back to my childhood - sitting outside my piano teacher's house. Her yard had this very same distinctive smell. I still can't find the plant that is making the musky-bitter smell.
  • I wonder why I never smell that plant in the morning when I walk through the gardens?
  • This is my fave photo on Flickr
  • I wonder if satisfaction is a feeling that is ever nothing more than fleeting?
  • After playing with an iPod Touch for a few days, I'm now lusting after an iPhone.
  • Two of my closest work buddies have resigned. This makes me sad and the work place just that much more less appealing.
  • Who will be my coffee buddy now?
  • My fave song right now is "Weird Ideas At Work" by Grand National.


Monty said...

Lamingtons are an Exceptional breakfast food!!! though the coconut gets everywhere!!! Wouldn't like to eat one with your beard Muz! LOL

Enjoy your weekend with your dad!

I'd volunteer to be your coffee buddy but seeing as how we can't even co-ordinate dinner, I fear coffee would be impossible! :-)

Victor said...

I love lamingtons and blogged about them recently.

Darth Gateau said...

now dessicated coconut is a hazzard to health. Whenever I eat it on something I always forget nopt to breathe in and end up choking on the bleedin stuff!

Don't you just love random thoughts? And donuts. And airports. And planes.

I also have a fragrant bush quandry. Haven't the faintest idea what it's called and I'm not going to say what I call it here, as the smell reminds me of something best not mentioned on a respectable blog such as this...

Mr Jones said...

Perhaps the bush scent is released by the warmth of the day?

judo said...

Darth: In my youth I remember a tree that smelt just the same as the smell you describe. We called it the "_ u _" tree. Someone decided they didn't like it and poisoned it. Such a shame as the tree was quite an old one.

Muzbot: Do you walk through the gardens or the domain. Give me the co-ordinates and I will find this plant for you. I did horticulture at school you know. So useful in my job too. 13 sleeps to go, but who's counting?

Door Bitch word of the moment = bliled ... a lebanese shop-keeper. blil for short.

Darth Gateau said...


YES! That's the very bush!

Campbell said...

As long as the lamington hasn't been corrupted with jam, they are good for any time of the day!
I don't know if it's the air or the plants, but they often have a stronger aroma in the early evening.
Work buddies are really important and can make or break the work-day experience.

Muzbot said...

Monty: The beard is great for left-overs. :)

Victor: Yes, I think that is what inspired me to go out and start eating these again.

Mr Jones: Yes, most probably. Or maybe it's on a timer.

Judo and Darth: I think I'm missing something...

Judo: Here is the location of the mystery plant.

Campbell: True, am not a huge fan of Jam inside the lamington... however, fresh whipped cream can be ok sometimes.

cb said...

i like that flicker image too-- especially the way it's cropped.

The Wii is a blast, isn't it??

And I'm jealous of the Botanical gardens you have.