It seemed like a good idea...

after wandering around the fashion nightmare that is Paddington and some well deserved Saturday afternoon beers.

Dave and I think we have come up with what must be the biggest fashion "no no". Ugh boots and kilt.

BUT, I'm the sort of guy that can carry it off. No, really, see! Trust me... I am a style guru, and on these warm spring afternoons a little taste of under kilt freedom is very welcome.

Don't you just love impaired judgment.


Darth Gateau said...

ug boots? The fact that you have access to them, let alone may own a pair is enough to cause me considerable distress. Why don't you just go out and get a pair of those god-awful rubber clog things and complete your footwear collection of horror.

I'm a bit stunned. I need to have a lie down. In something made of natural fibres created by a ridiculously famous designer.

Victor said...

Perhaps this outfit could work on a windy day?

Anonymous said...

oh Darth.... easy to see your not an aussie.... uggies are an iconic footwear in australia and been around for years.... way long before they became a fashion item around the world

wcs said...

Yes, but what are they for?

Muzbot said...

DG: Yes, I know... I'm pure class.
Victor: It actually was a windy afternoon, and yes I loved the breeze.
Anon: Iconic, yes. World wide fashion item?
wcs: They just keep my feet warm during the cooler months.

Kezza said...

Just this once I'm going to forgive the ug boots, but only because, well... KILT!


Where the hell do you get a kilt from? I want one!

Monty said...

Wayyyy too hot for Ugs Muz! I was walking around in thongs (for the non-Aussies, that's flip-flops) - don't know how you coped with knee high ugs! Fan of the kilt however.

h+b said...

I think it looks great. Hate Uggs, but think they work well with the kilt.

Did you watch Australian Project Runway ? One of the last guys in ( ie: a real contender ) did kilts for his menswear lines, despite some eyebrow raising from lesser beings.

I thought he was brilliant.
( he came 2nd, but the kilts ended up being highly acclaimed )