Shrinkage PtII...

Thanks for all the well wishes I've received recently. The good news is that I'm feeling much better today.

The past five days my Wii has been measuring exactly how much my illness has effected my weight. 3.6kg in 5 days. You can see on Saturday I was at my regular "happy with this" weight of 72.4kg. By this morning I was down to 68.8kg. Way too light.

Now that solid food is welcomed back into my life I plan to regain those lost kg with some tasty tasty food. Tonight was a calorie loaded dinner followed by custard and the thinest sliver of orange cake (Thanks Terry).

This really is a boring post, so I'll end it here and get back to listening to Transvision Vamp.

ps: That werewolf picture below REALLY gives me nightmares, and has since I was a young lad.

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Monty said...

HOLY crap Muz! You now officially weigh LESS than me!!!!!!!! How the world has turned upside down!!! :-)