Fancy footwork...

I've loved this clip (and song) for many years now.
So here's a question for all the SYTYCD fans out there:
What is the style of dancing in this film clip?
and part two for a bonus point:
Do you know where I can learn this in Sydney?

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PS: I love this song and came across the video for it today... Ummmmm WTF?


Tom Cat from Bondi Beach said...

WTF indeed - it is someones scary nightmare !

Muzbot said...

I know... It almost looks like something John Waters would have directed back in the early 80's.

Kezza said...

I love Familiar Feeling, in fact I just love Moloko, but this filmclip has always disappointed me because Roisin Murphy looks so damn plain. On the other hand the big burly black drummer gives me a funny feeling in my tummy... Chrome plated teeth and all!

As for the second video... Bizarre! How the hell did you come across that?