Postcard from: New Mexico

- Hot.

- Food. OMG, I discovered my love for chili here. I've never been a huge fan of food that is too hot or spicy but here my desire for it grew with each meal. Our final night in town was capped off at a local restaurant where I enjoyed a baked dish containing whole green chilies which had been stuffed with cheese then crumbed in a sort of bread crumb and mashed potato concoction and served with rice and beens. It was so good. I also enjoyed the BEST fajitas ever. They were bought from a stall on a street corner. Seriously, the best food.

- Adobe style is the only way to live. I loved these buildings. I would love to build something like the one we stayed in in Santa Fe here in the Blue Mountains.

- Walked in Tent Rocks Canyon. This is an Indian reserve. Once you have negotiated the canyon and the long hot climb to the top you will be rewarded with the most stunning views of wide open plains that seem to go on for eternity.

- Stunning evening storms here.

- We rode the Windsor tail here. It was a bit of a lengthy start, due to an extra loop which we tacked on at the trail head, but an enjoyable ride. There was some fun downhill on this ride and I managed to get some air on a few of the bunny hops towards the end of the ride. We finished this ride at the Teseque Village Market. They serve great food. MMMMmmmm: tamales, green mole and blue corn chips.


Victor said...

I visited New Mexico about 20 years ago and loved it.

judo said...

This is the ONLY day Muzbot didn't wear Dainese ... hold on, do Dainese make underwear?