Postcard from: Helsinki...

- The city is made of stone. Everything is stone.

- They have pokies in the supermarket?!?!

- Very friendly and well educated people.

- Don't fold your arms. It's a sign of rudeness. I was never conscious of how often I actually folded my arms until I was told not to.

- It didn't get dark. We walked out of a bar at 1am and the sun was rising, or was it setting??

- The bar was called "Albert's Room" and it literally was just big enough to be only a room. 20 people max in here at any one time. It was rather cool.

- The city was full of strawberry stands. The smell filled the streets and was so beautiful.

- This city is a cool, hip design hub.

- I wandered around a historic park that contained early Nordic houses that were being preserved. Very beautiful part of town.

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Victor said...

Friends of mine visited Finland last year and came home raving about great the place is.

I fold my arms all the time.