Sobering thought for the day...

From today's Sydney Morning Herald:
European avalanche victims still missing

A survivor of a giant avalanche that killed eight people near western Europe's highest peak has described the incident as a "a scene from the apocalypse"...
The Mont Blanc range is popular with hikers but every year claims numerous lives.
This summer season more than 30 people have died in the French Alps, most of them near Mont Blanc, and a further 60 have perished in the Italian and Swiss Alps.

Many people who know me know that I am preparing to ascend Mt Blanc in 2010. Part of my preparation has been looking into guides and reading a lot about the various routes to ascend this summit. I've become aware of the dangers and am taking preparation for this very seriously. I have given myself 3 years to prepare. Last year and this year I've been working on reducing my weight and improving my fitness. Next year I begin work on improving my alpine climbing skills. Part of this preparation will include a trip to NZ to be coached in ice climbing next year.

Accidents can happen. No matter how much preparation and planning you do you can't predict mother nature. I understand the risks. I've often said to my mum that if anything was to happen to me while I am doing the things I do that I hope she understands that I'm doing something I love. She says that's no consolation. I also understand her point of view.


Adaptive Radiation said...

I tell my mum the same thing (and get the same response) everytime I head off overseas for a field trip. I'm now a lot more careful about the information I choose to share with her (e.g. the time I was lost in fog in the Baltic Sea).

Ad Rad

Kezza said...

I guess I'm just a sook, but I couldn't knowingly put myself in a situation like that if I knew the risks involved, that said though I'll happily get in a car or on a plane or just hang around in a public place, where any number of accidents could befall me. I'm glad you're doing what you love, but I do hope you'll be careful and come out okay!