Postcard from: Japan...

- What an amazing place.

- Wacky and totally entertaining. I was so tempted to splash a little water on the toilet seat in my hotel room just so I could find out exactly what sort of "trouble" I could get myself into.

- MMMmmmm Jellyfish. The food in Japan is not based on flavour, it's based on texture. Once you get your head around that fact, eating here becomes a learning experience.

- I will be back and I will spend more time here.

- I'll refrain from posting the pic of me in my Japanese robe.


Monty said...

Muz, you can't tantalize us with that robe picture remark...we need pics of you in Japanese robes now!!!!!:-)

Muzbot said...
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Muzbot said...

It's not really that good.

It's here.

Victor said...

Awww....go on.....show us!