Postcard from: Salzberg

- Nuns seemed to be wandering the streets aimlessly.

- Very wet. Sat outside a rather cool bar enjoying beer and a D&M with Judo about life while rain dripped down from the canopy onto our table.

- The town is alive with The Sound Of Music.

- Great beer options here.

- Had the biggest laugh as Judo and I drove through the traffic restricted area into the main square to the horror of the people sitting eating their sausages. A priceless moment.


Monty said...

Did you do any of the Sound of Music stuff? Surely you had to have done something to do with SoM - sung Do Re Mi next to the fountain, walked the aisle of the Church pretending you were Maria at her wedding? Something, anything? :-)

Muzbot said...

Monty, Monty, Monty... If only I was that much of a SoM fan then maybe I might have. To be honest I didn't even recognise any part of the city, so no, I kind of missed the whole SoM experience.

Did Maria get married? I thought she was a Nun?

Darth Gateau said...

she was a nun until she started to believe that the hills were alive and learned how to "dough" a deer. She was cast out after that and asked never to return.