Postcard from: London...

- Ok, this picture probably doesn't really show much of London, but I do love the local breakfast cafes in London. Big helpings, small price.

- Hung out mostly in the West End and Soho areas. So lively.

- There is a musical on here for everything.

- Had a great time catching up with Darth and when we finally found lunch it was delicious. Thanks DG, looking forward to our next meeting, wherever and whenever that may be.

- Could have spend a small fortune on T-shirts, and a LARGE fortune in Ted Baker and Paul Smith, despite both stores having sales.

- Rain. In fact a whole months worth in 2 days!

- The Tube. Brilliant transport system when it's working.

- Pret A Manger: Meatball wrap. Tasty!

- Fun bars. Couldn't help but have a small boogie to Marvin Gaye as one DJ really knew good music and kept me going all night.


Darth Gateau said...

yeah, sorry about the aimless lunch wandering. I'm only used to London at night or weekends. London on a weekday lunchtime was like being in a foreign city to me! I enjoyed meeting up and can't wait to drink more beer with you soon.
Glad to see you had an amazing time and looking forward to more pics.
My time here in UK draws to a close. My new adventure is just about to begin. Better get my sandals on...

Crystal said...

Oh God, Ted Baker shirts are so stylish and smart. I can understand the desire for one or two. My husband has a couple and I have always loved the way he looks in them. So confident.

Hello Muzbot, it's good to visit your blog once again.

Darth Gateau said...

also... O. M. G. ! ! ! Why didn't you say you liked Paul Smith? I'd have had you trying stuff on by the truck load - I love Paul Smith and any excuse to get someone (including myself) to buy some would have been cool. There was an item I had my eye on and everything...

Monty said...

Muz, next time you're in London, try the Abercrombie and Fitch store...eye candy PLUS PLUS PLUS. Oh and they sell clothes too. ;-)

Muzbot said...

DG: I bought only 1 shirt in Paul Smith, but Judo was a shopping machine! I can imagine you and him together would have been very good for business. :)

Crystal: And hello to you too!

Monty: Oh no, the Abercrombie and Fitch store would be close to my idea of hell on earth. But I can understand the attraction. :)