"If I was" meme:

If I was an animal I'd be:
a Labrador

If I was on holiday I'd be:
Climbing a glacier

If I was in my dream job it would be:
a Vet

If I was dating someone famous it would be:
Uma Thurman

If I was a Superhero I'd be:
Aqua Man - actually, no, Batman. I love that rubber suit.

If I was on a TV show it would be:
Futurama (I'd love to see a Muzbot character)

If I was on a magazine cover it'd be:
I have been and it was "Where" - but if I hadn't been it would probably be "Two Wheels"

If I was a colour I'd be:
What the??? Ummm... Green.

If I was able to time travel I'd go back:
to 120AD in Rome and be an Emperor.

If I was (add your own):
... only able to find what I'm looking for.

Oooo, now I have to tag: Bugger it, anyone who's up for it. Go on...

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