Another top weekend...

Nothing like a spot of Geocaching on the way to do some kite shopping. There was a random sitting right on top of this one, so we weren't shy and Mark dived in and grabbed it. She didn't flintch. But we did explain that we were on a treasure hunt.
The bay opposite the kite store. I was enquiring about prices for kite boarding lessons. I was told that the lessons took place across the road in the bay so I decided to go and check it out.
Another Geocaching location. Once again Geocaching has taken me to an interesting location and got me out in the sun enjoying a beautiful day.
I love a good pub lunch. This one was at the Steak and Crabhouse at Woody Point. A great beer garden, a beautiful day and perfect company.
Heading back to Brisneyland after a great day hanging with the family.
I'm a huge fan of The Royal George in the Valley on Sundays. It would be my prefered location for beers if I was a local. Sunday arvo there is live music and then following that, from 7-9pm they have Sunday Steak out. This is the best value $5 steak around. It's good steak too. I really like this venue... It's not bad for people watching either.

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