From Twitter 11-13-2009

This mornings iTunes purchases: Jaxx album and new Zoot Woman album. Zoot W's one of the best so far.
The strong tangy smell of tomato sauce on a sausage roll next to me is both vile and wonderful all at once.
Going to see Red Riders tonight. Anyone interested in joining me let me know.
RT @therocks Tonight @ The Rocks - from 1730. Markets by Moonlight with shows by Liz Martin & Sui Zhen. http://tinyurl.com/yjlrwqa
In the Rocks Discovery Museum for a talk by Aboriginal elder Uncle Max Dulumunmun Harrison.
My work bench on the right. :) http://pic.gd/7bc413
Listen 2 our aboriginal elders any chance U can. Their understanding of the environment is astonishing.
@disco3K Give your body 24hours... it's on Sat night. See you there then? :)
And with that I say "helloooo weekend". http://pic.gd/5822a8
Ahhhhh, this is the life. http://pic.gd/ed16a1
Manly buzzing tonight again. http://pic.gd/89fa62

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