From Twitter 11-12-2009

When was the last time you saw a male over the age of 7 fold a paper fan to fan himself?! This guy near me on the ferry is over 30!
I wish I book marked Ajax tutorials more frequently! Saw one two weeks ago that would come in handy now for a new feature on our websites.
Stuff it. I'm going to start a re-design of the websites today. Even my own brain surprises me sometimes with it's creativity.
Lol Overseas Passenger Terminal. Lamest xmas decorations ever! #lamelamelame
Loving this song heaps good this morning. http://bit.ly/2iwfoo
New fave male vocalist: Mat Kearney. http://www.matkearney.com/ Truly wonderful.
Boys in budgie smugglers, babes in bikinis. Top day for it.
@babycakesjase That's exactly how Valencia smelled when I was there! So Nth Syd has gone all Spanish on us hey?
Stupid Facebook.
Just found someone following their own alter-ego on Twitter. How bizzare.
@housenbaby do you do that?
Special visitor arrives this evening. Yay. I think I shall go to the airport to meet and greet. :)
I love this city. http://pic.gd/c2a543
Breaking news for my blog readers: I think Blanket has eaten Brian!
Beautiful post storm sky as I head back to the city across the harbour. http://pic.gd/34b8d3
@spphotoart hey there! Long time no see. Hope u is heaps good!
@tom125 they had issues with it and pulled it earlier today. Not sure if it's back yet.
At airport in "special" waiting area waiting for my super special guest. This is just SUPER.
@housenbaby awwwww.
Plane landed. Excitment building.
Please forgive me for what I'm about to type, it's slightly out of character: "Squee!"
@OhCrap :)
@Riotcub oink oink! ;)
Ferry is late. That is actually really weird.

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Adaptive Radiation said...

Blanket ate Brian?!! Holy crap...vicious anemone.