The gig of the year...

was Ladyhawke at The Enmore, and it was great.
I had four tickets: One for me, one for Kookyknut, Dave and a mate of Kookyknut's. Naturally we gathered for beers beforehand and the evening was off to a good start. It was one of those gigs where you know everyone there had been waiting for this night for a long time. The atmosphere was hot. The crowd was hot. The performance was nothing less than hot.

There were many highlights. My fave tune, "Love don't live here" was perhaps my highlight of the evening. Actually the highlight was the way the audience reacted to each tune. It was like being at a school concert when everyone sings along at the top of their lungs. Amazing.

Crowd favorites:
Back of The Van, Dusk 'til Dawn and of course My Delirium.

Too impressed.

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