From Twitter 11-17-2009

@tom125 great capture last night!
I picked the wrong morning to sit outside on the ferry. Big seas, slightly wet. *sigh*
Looks like the Idol bump in is taking place in the Opera House Forecourt. Must be the final this week.
My coffee is super delecious this morning. Super.
My zip-lock bag for my trail mix is faulty. It's not zipping or locking. Oh cruel world!!!
I would LOVE sweet and sour for lunch.
What's going on? I'm in a top mood today and it's only Tuesday!
In ye olde worlde barber, listening to the trots while waiting for a classic hair cut. $10 can't be beat. http://pic.gd/3c7135
Got to love a classic short back and sides. http://pic.gd/dfaabc
Gave my love to a shooting star. But she moves so fast That I can't keep up. I'm chasing. #FaveLyrics
Scrounging around my desk draw like a junkie for coins to get a coffee.
Guy opposite me on the ferry is totally invading my personal space. Time to find a new seat.
Hmmmmm. I wonder if The Wharf Bar in Manly is the only bar doing well in Sydney that doesn't have pokies.

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