A sad day indeed...

the Polly Waffle is to be no more.

*sigh* Nestle have axed the uniquely Australian chocolate bar. This is/was my fave of all the choc bars. Why? Why would they do this?

Well, apparently it's because "Everybody says they love the Polly Waffle but the truth is no one buys it today. The time for it has been and gone." Sales don't cover the cost of making them any more. This is totally understandable form a business point of view, it's just sad because if I had my choice of chocolate bars it would be this one over all others.

But what's next? The Chokito?


Monty said...

I too, was devastated by this news!!! I DO buy Polly Waffles all the time...LOVE 'EM! So sad. :-(

Adaptive Radiation said...

I hadn't even heard of them before until now. Maybe they should have marketed the product better??

Btw...love the new banner.