From Twitter 11-19-2009

Sitting having breaky outdoors at a cafe listening to Miike Snow. What a great way to kick off the day. http://pic.gd/9a790e
@OhCrap http://pic.gd/fd15a3 couldn't resist.
Wish I didn't have mates spread out over 3 states. Makes organising a get-together rather pointless.
Great thing about 'working from home days' is that I can go to the beach @ lunchtime. It's busy today too.
Watching whale calf breaching just off shore. Rather awesome really.
George Michael and Aretha Franklin "I knew you were waiting". Totally hate that song! Totally.
Actually, "summer rain" by Belinda Carlisle is my least fave tune.
@littlegonzales I saw that movie once, and have never been able to watch it again. Totally draining.
I'm a lucky lad to have sisters like I do. They are totes tops.
I think Honda Goldwing riders should just get a hatchback and be done with it.
I think icecream is the food of gods.
@Riotcub totes.

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