From Twitter 11-21-2009

@OhCrap wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong.
Havin' breakfast (@ Rion Corso Cafe) http://bit.ly/4xD3WB
Can anyone explain this sign?!? http://pic.gd/d74a12
@portek @babycakesjase So standing here doesn't increase my chances when I'm feeling lonely?
Nice spot for lunch. A chook from Coles and some fresh bread. http://pic.gd/979b
come and join me for a beer (@ The Steyne Hotel) http://bit.ly/4QEKlg
View from the beer garden. http://pic.gd/973184
I'm at South Steyne Beach (South Steyne, Sydney). http://bit.ly/5KGYPP
I'm at Ivanhoe Hotel (The Corso, Sydney). http://bit.ly/5g0JDQ
Damn. Saw a pair of shorts I liked. Shorts. $90. $90! C'mon now. Who pays that for shorts.
I'm up for Hooters for Sunday lunch tomorrow. Any one with me?
Ok, I'm going to say it... I hate Timtams. There. Glad I got that off my chest.
I reckon they should make hypercolour urinals. How cool would that be?!
Meat meat love meat. http://pic.gd/0be51a
@Riotcub no doubt there is somewhere more hip than "The Hoe" here in Manly that has one.
So, arvo beers, a good pub meal, walk home along the beach to settle on the lounge and drift off at some poit watching telly. #aGoodSatToMe
Aurora. Quick, flick it on now! It is the WORST/BEST car crash tv ever!

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Victor said...

"Can anyone explain this sign?!?"

Virginia Judge came up with this concept when she was Mayor of Strathfield and basically it refers to a brief drop off point for passengers making connections with public transport.

I've heard Ms Judge say the 'kiss' part is optional.