From Twitter 11-23-2009

Well that was one great weekend. Today's cooler weather is a welcome start to the week too.
I'm at Circular Quay Ferry Terminal (Sydney Cove, Sydney). http://bit.ly/8rcuCa
I was out 4 days at 12 diff places and unlocked 4 badges in the past month! (via @foursquare)
Would have loved to stay home today to see Mark off at the airport.
@tom125 maybe you should ask for samlples and tell the winery you'll review it online.
Wish this was released here in Oz this week. http://au.movies.yahoo.com/movie/22433/fantastic-mr-fox/
Managed to catch up and complete something today that I've pushed down on my to-do-list for a few months. #phew.
Settling back into the bachelor pad. It seems quiet and empty suddenly. :(
revisiting "Interview With The Vampire" tonight and remembering why it's far superior than the contemporary "Twilight" saga.
@furrylilfucker I know exactly that feeling.
Ugh! I need to read labels more carefully. Just ate a meal containing soy products. Soy=my enemy. *sigh*
@evolkween The movie is on Foxtel tonight, but remembering the books. I really loved Queen of the Damned the most out of the books.

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Peter said...

When are you finished with this twittering? I miss my "old" Muzbot posts.

Or am I the only one?