From Twitter 11-16-2009

I cn barely put any weight on my rt foot. The throbbing pain is, well, painful. No idea wht ive done 2 it.
Lovin' the free Berocca drink give-away at Circular Quay this morning. I think they should do this every monday. :)
@ozdj Now that summer has rolled in I eat it every morn. Some days I love it, others I just can't stand it. But yes, it's very good for you.
Wow, it's warm outside.
@spphotoart Have you been taste testing?!
Gym in a couple pf hours.. time for some caffeine.
@spphotoart Hmmmm, I'm currently on a high protein diet. Maybe I should investigate. ;)
Really enjoyed gym this evening. Starting to get the hang of things and seeing a real change. #lovingit

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